Drake’s Games is a Brooklyn based game studio focused on making the most engaging core gameplay experiences for Android, iOS, PC, and Consoles.

Founded in late 2019, we are looking for partners to help grow Drake’s Games into a diverse, sustainable, and competitive business.

Current Project

Drake’s Games’ first commercial release, “Junk in the Trunk” is scheduled for release early September, 2020 on Android, iOS, and PC.

Junk in the Trunk’s gameplay is a cross between a 2D side scroller and Super Smash Brothers.  

You play as Ivory the elephant.  Run, jump, and combo chain your way to victory against the evil, pollution-creating Business Wizard!

we need your help!

Building an engaged community is of the utmost importance to us! 

We value feedback from games industry professionals, hardcore gamers, and casual gamers alike. 

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