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Cool Combos, Jazzy Jumps, and a Cute Elephant

Take Out The Trash

The evil Business Wizard has moved into the Grasslands and bamboozled most of the population into producing and buying junk that they don’t need!  Ivory the Elephant, our hero, sees through his voo-doo economics and sets off on an adventure to drive the wizard out of her beloved home!

Hurry! Before It's Too Late!

Ivory’s adventure wont be easy.  She will need to run, jump, and combo her way through hoards of enemies and obstacles as fast as possible!

The faster you can get through each level, the less the environment will suffer!  Earn up to three stars based on your completion time and a hidden collectable in every level!

Upgrade Your Moves

As you progress, collect peanuts to unlock new special abilities and combos which will make the daunting journey more manageable.

Revisit previous levels to try to best your high score!

Out Now For Android! iOS, PC, Consoles coming soon!

GMTK Game Jam 2020

Top 20% in Largest Online Game Jam in History!

Marble Quest was created as a part of the 48 hour GMTK Jam 2020 – the largest online game jam in history.

The jam’s theme was “Out of Control” which sparked our interest in combining the chaos of pachinko / pinball with the strategy of an old school turn based RPG.  

Though the existing build is a bit rough around the edges, we are very happy with how this prototype ended up and will potentially turn the concept into a full game in the future.  Reach out on the game’s itch page or send us a message via this website to let us know if that is something you would be interested in!

Game Off 2019 Game Jam!

18th out of ~4000 Teams!

Transilio is a systems based puzzle platformer that I created with a team of three strangers as a part of GitHub’s Game Off 2019.

As a part of the game jam, we had one month to deliver an open source game that fit the theme “Leaps and Bounds”.

This was the first game that I actually delivered / published end to end and I am incredibly proud of the results.  We ended up placing 18th out of ~4000 teams that entered and ~230 game submissions.

Check out the page for updates, screenshots, reviews and to play the game.  Please do not hesitate to provide feedback!

Note:  This game was not developed with touch / mobile input.  Only mouse / keyboard

Transilio Review

By Gunnar Clovis
Thanks for the Feedback!

Special thanks to Gunnar for such an extensive review (it’s over an hour long).