Weekly Unity / C# Game Dev Meditations


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I have decided to create a series of blogs (hopefully) weekly where I blurt out my learnings. Mostly doing this as a form of reflection and to reinforce what I have learned but will provide links and info about the various tools I am using, things learned, etc… for those interested. Let me know what you think and don’t forget to follow me on twitter!

Some context and motivation: I have been using Unity / making games for a little over a year now. I found that the initial velocity of my learning decelerated about a week or two in as the majority of tutorials on YouTube seem to cater to people who are just starting out. Since then, the learning process requires a lot more filtering through less easily consumed media like forum posts, bug reports, the Unity Manual, etc… Hopefully my weekly summaries will at least help consolidate and synthesize some of those resources to give people with a more intermediate level of experience in Unity and C# some utility on their learning adventures.

All the best!


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